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Our clients operate in a dynamic, increasingly fast competitive environment. The full concentration of the entrepreneur is required to shine in this competitive environment. 

However, in order to achieve sustainable corporate success, it is essential to move within the scope of national and international (tax) law. The number, structure and interdependence of these legal framework conditions has been increasing over years.  

This regulatory density of regulations means that the development and adaptation of the legal framework conditions to the respective circumstances requires a high degree of specialisation. Legal advice is therefore outsourced from the business process - with corresponding frictional losses. The reintegration of specialised legal knowledge into business processes therefore requires a recipient-specific transformation of legal advice.  

Our "Why Book"



Yester & Morrow bridges the gap between business processes and legal compliance. The advisory approach is based on structured legal and tax advice that focuses on the client's business process. Classic legal and tax advice is re-thought: concentrated not on the legal problem, rather guided by and focused on the (business) process of our clients. Digitalisation makes it possible to preserve knowledge in a structured way along the client's value chain, to legally evaluate and present it in a receiver-specific way. Therefore, knowledge gaps in the life cycle of a company process can be minimized and the respective specific requirements of the different business units can be met.  

Our advice therefore facilitates a special partnership with our clients. Creatively, as part of the value chain and with its own entrepreneurial perspective. We are therefore convinced that our contribution to the added value of the client does not correlate with the time required for this. For this reason, in principle, we offer our services at a fixed price in a partnership arrangement. 


Business processes do not end with the outcome of the legal analysis - neither does our support. Every legal solution has specific implications for the client’s business, and we prepare corresponding link. By translating legal requirements into specific guidelines, we facilitate efficiency and security along the value chain.  

Almost every economic environment is subject to constant change. Digitalisation, increasing complexity and new product types raise a variety of legal questions. We support our clients on their way and give them a helping hand in establishing legally secure and sustainable business processes

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